Month: February 2020

When To Hire A Carpet Cleaner Instead Of Cleaning The Carpet Yourself

How To Know When To Hire A Carpet Cleaner Instead Of Cleaning The Carpet Yourself

Even though most carpet manufacturers recommend having the carpet cleaned professionally twice a year, many homeowners choose to put it off. The only problem is that carpet is a fairly expensive investment and not cleaning it regularly can mean that it wears out much sooner than it would and it doesn’t look as nice. What some homeowners will try and do is to clean the carpet themselves rather than getting a professional. Here we’ll take a look at how to know when to hire a carpet cleaner instead of cleaning the carpet yourself.

Is There Any Risk When Doing It Yourself?

For the average homeowner, the only way for them to clean the carpet themselves would be to go and get a rental machine or a home unit. Most non-commercial home units are inexpensive and as you would expect they don’t do a professional level job. That means that the next option is to rent a carpet cleaning machine. Looking to find a carpet cleaning company near you? Click here to find a carpet cleaning company near me.

Although some of those rental machines are better than the cheap shampooers designed for home use they still do not perform nearly at the level that a professional machine does. As an example, the temperature doesn’t get nearly as high as those used by the pros. This means that it cannot clean as effectively. Another issue is the fact that the machine is not nearly as powerful as one used by pros and that means it isn’t able to get as much water back out of the carpet and that leaves the carpet overly wet. Click here for more carpet cleaning tips.

When too much water goes into the carpet and you don’t have an effective way of getting it out it will get deep down and even into the padding. It’s very difficult for the bottom of the carpet and the padding underneath to dry because it doesn’t have good ventilation. This means that it can ultimately mold and mildew and this could not only be bad for your health but it can also cause problems with odor.

There’s also a concern if you have stains or soiled carpeting. Typically speaking these areas require a professional to clean them because it takes specialized knowledge. Depending on the type of carpet that you have and what caused the stain or the soiled area will all determine what type of equipment and cleaning solution should be used. This is another instance where having a professional is recommended over trying to do it yourself.

More Instances When You Should Use A Professional Carpet Cleaner Rather Than Doing It Yourself?

If the carpet is new and is still under warranty then you definitely want to use a professional when having it cleaned. If you don’t it could void the warranty. If the warranty gets voided and something unexpected happens, then you have no protection. That is one instance where it is highly recommended that you use only a professional.

Anytime there are any heavily soiled areas or stains then you usually need a professional. They will understand the type of carpet and what caused the soil and that will help them know the best way to clean that part of the carpet. Cleaning the carpet yourself is only recommended in between professional cleanings. This can reduce the overall cost and keep the carpet at its very best.…

How Important Is It To Regularly Clean The Carpet In Your Business?

Carpet cleaning is beneficial in many ways and it is good to do it from time to time. I know that some people reading this article believe that vacuuming is enough to make a carpet cleaner. However, it is not since vacuuming cannot effectively remove dirt, dust, bacteria, allergens, and grime that hide in the fiber of carpets as it only removes dirt on the surface of carpets. Professional carpet cleaning can help you remove dirt from carpets effectively. Having said that, here are the major benefits of cleaning your carpet on a regular basis:

Will Help Make Your Carpet Last Longer
Cleaning a carpet on a regular basis will make it last longer as it keeps it in tip-top condition. This can help you save money considering the fact that carpets are expensive. When your carpet is well-maintained, you will not be forced to buy a new one now and then.

Remember that effective carpet cleaning takes care of both the surface and the fibers of your carpet meaning that your carpet will last for a long period. Cleaning gets rid of all the dirt and organic wastes. No dirt, dust, bacteria, allergens or grime can hide from carpet cleaning. As such, it is a good idea to increase your carpet’s lifespan by considering carpet cleaning from time to time.

Maintains the Look of a Carpet
Getting rid of tough carpet stains will help a carpet maintain its beauty. A carpet that experiences traffic can start looking dulled and dingy if it is not cleaned. Giving a carpet that looks dingy and dulled a deep clean will make the carpet look vibrant and rejuvenated. It is very important for carpets to maintain their overall look as the floor is among the most defining features of your business premises. In fact, having a clean carpet is one of the best ways to make a positive impression on those who visit your business premises.

Saves the Carpet Fibers
Accumulation of dirt on your carpet can gradually wear down its fibers. This is because the dirt will cause a “sandpaper effect” on the fibers of the carpet whenever anybody steps on the carpet. Cleaning your carpet will help prevent this as the dirt particles will be removed from the carpet fibers. Vacuuming cannot save your carpet fibers as they cannot remove dirt particles effectively. So, if you would like to save your carpet’s fibers, consider professional carpet cleaning.

Regular professional carpet cleaning can be beneficial in many ways. It can help your carpet last longer, maintain the look of your carpet and help save the fibers of your carpet. Always remember that carpets in commercial areas have to be cleaned more often than those in homes as many people walk on carpets in commercial areas.

This means that you need to clean the carpets in your business more often than the carpets in your home. When looking for a carpet cleaning company, ensure that you choose a reputable one for quality services. So, take time when looking for the right carpet cleaning company.…